Station Management

Station Management

Provides direct representation for your airline to the local airport community, regulatory agencies, and other ground handling service providers. Our professional station management services allow you to reduce costs to your operation through our trustworthy and responsible leaders.

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Passenger Handling

Pacific Aviation passenger services are always reliable, courteous, and tailored to our exact client requirements. Whether checking in passengers, verifying flight documents, or preparing baggage reports, we provide superior customer care.

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DCS Expertise

DCS Expertise

Our highly trained staff are knowledgeable of a wide range of DCS systems, including Altea, Amadeus, Carina, Radixx Go, and other carrier specific DCS programs. This allows us to successfully adapt to your operation and manage all information required for airport check-in, boarding card distribution, baggage acceptance, boarding, load control, and aircraft checks.

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International Arrivals Coordination

International Arrivals Coordination

Our accommodating staff ensure smooth and compliant flow of both passengers and crew through US Customs and Immigration. With 25 nations and counting represented by our staff, language and cultural barriers are expertly navigated with their diverse backgrounds and experiences.

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Cabin Cleaning and Secure Search

Cabin Cleaning & Secure Search

Our aircraft service team performs professional Interior Aircraft Cabin Cleaning and Security searches, quality audits, and daily cabin turns to ensure comfortable and safe travel for both domestic and international flights.

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Flight Operations

Flight Operations / Dispatch Support

Flight and dispatch support personnel keep your daily airline functions a success. Available 24/7, our team assists with air-to-ground communication, SITA movement messaging, crew briefing, field transportation, and terminal gate coordination to ensure your operational logistics are smooth and seamless.

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Load Control

Load Control / Turnaround Coordination

Load control and turnaround coordination staff meticulously ensure countdown to departure requirements are followed. An effective team choreographs all turnaround activities, works in tandem with all ground service providers, and maintains all ground handling activities with high precision for an on-time departure.

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Baggage Service

Baggage Service/Lost & Found

We provide respectful, supportive service agents to assist client passengers by tracking missing, damaged, or stolen baggage, submitting baggage claims, preparing damage reports, and providing solutions for their stressful situations.

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