Pacific Aviation: Together, we can all succeed!

While we were enlightening our readers about Airline ground-handling companies, we decided to highlight the success story of one of the prominent ground-handling companies in North America, Pacific Aviation Corporation. 

Pacific Aviation - HNL

Pacific Aviation is the brainchild, vision, and hard work of two founders, Mr. Phil Shah and Mr. Victor Mena, who established the organization in 1995.

The journey started with handling operations for a single airline at the company’s current Los Angeles Tom Bradley International Airport headquarters. Awarded as the ground service provider for major airlines in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, Honolulu, and San Jose airports, the company currently supports significant airports on the west and the east coasts.  

Pacific Aviation offers a range of services, starting from complete station management, customer service, ramp operations, flight operations, cabin cleaning and grooming, wheelchair assistance, security, weight and balance, turnaround coordination, mishandled baggage services, international and domestic arrivals coordination, baggage handlers and much more.

Besides the front-end customer-facing employee, an army of a team is working in the background to ensure all new hires are adequately trained and always compliant with airline procedures and regulatory bodies; other than diligently performing day-to-day responsibilities, they go the extra mile to nurture the development and understanding of a new professional. 

Let’s find out who they are: 

A process-driven Human Resources Team: 

They carefully screen, recruit, and procure staffing for many airlines based on their requirements, such as hours of operation, languages spoken, etc. A meticulously planned onboarding process is designed to ensure a seamless employee orientation:

  • Familiarize employees with federal and local airport requirements.
  • Obtain security clearances from local authorities. 
  • Ensure the badging process is followed to the T. 

Training & Quality: 

New hires undergo an extensive and intensive training program to get acquainted with the nature of the business, job intensity, and expectations, as their workplace is not a regular place of business but a federal property. Safety and security awareness is integral to the day-to-day phenomenon.  

To corroborate consistent employee performance and quality control, a dedicated team of training and quality experts conduct periodic audits on safety protocol, airside operations, customer service and all ground service operations-related functions. 

The intensive and extensive training program includes exclusive, highly sensitive training about the security and safety programs implemented by the federal and local airport authorities, airline knowledge basics, company policies, and culture. 

This groundwork paves the way for further education and learning about airline-specific product knowledge and the various software associated with the operations.  

A dedicated team of trainers specialize in training the airport teams for a bunch of departure control systems such as Amadeus, Altea, Radixx Go, and other carrier-specific software.

Investing in employees is the best investment an organization can make: 

Equipped with a unique training and coaching program, The Art & Science program! It is a custom-made training program for every job function that exists within the organization. Designed to explicitly break down day-to-day tasks for employee development, the program also conquers the emotional and communication aspects required to perform each allocation. It is a one-on-one coaching program where each employee is dedicatedly coached and given feedback by a subject matter expert. 

Dedicated Account Management: 

Each airline account has a dedicated, qualified, and experienced account manager who is a single point of contact for the customer airlines and the third parties, thus aiding clear communication channels and prompt action. No number of words can do justice to this role, which is managed single-handedly and takes care of workforce requirements, customer airline expectations, and operational challenges, along with providing coaching and feedback to better the performance and efficiency of the team and help individuals prosper and recognize their strengths.

Digital enhancement: 

As a staunch supporter of transparency and fair attitude – the company has invested in an employee portal to allow real-time access to their employees about their hours worked, wage-related information, accrued leave and status, company-related information, manuals or policy guides and any other documentation.

Pacific Aviation Values: 

  • RESPECT and promote each other’s humanity
  • Invest in personal development and professional GROWTH
  • Are HONEST, open, and transparent
  • Encourage DIVERSITY of thought and CELEBRATE exceptional contributions
  • Earn TRUST by taking RESPONSIBILITY for our actions
  • SUPPORT each other as a TEAM
  • Are RESILIENT and persevere to create POSITIVE outcomes
  • Recognize our responsibility for the SAFETY and SECURITY of the entire aviation community

Equal priority, importance and say is given to the customer and the employee. 

Let’s hear what the clients have to say: 

“As a new carrier into LAX, we really appreciated the access to a wide network of contacts. It really saved us and we love working with our staff. You have helped us expand our service around the United States” 

“PA is very sincere, professional, compassionate, and honest, which really impressed me. The workload is shared by all,which creates an easier work environment and better customer experience” 

And what the employee’s have to say :

“We worked closely together and , like a family ,developed close and sometimes complex relationships. Together, we cultivated a positive atmosphere and continually strive to improve our handling to provide unparalleled customer service to our valued customers” 

“I have grown as a professional alongside PA for many years. Through the difficulties of the last several years, PA was always doing its best to overcome the hurdle . Our guests have come to know many of our team members and enjoy their personal interactions.”