In today’s globalized world, air travel has become a common means of transportation, connecting diverse individuals for various durations. As air travel becomes more accessible, it’s essential to establish proper etiquette for passengers’ benefit and the airline’s reputation. Here are some tips on airplane etiquette for globe-trotters:


Boarding and Seating

  • Take your time getting to your seat, allowing others to settle down.
  • Stow your hand baggage carefully, leaving space for others to do the same.

In-Flight Etiquette

  • Follow airline regulations, including switching mobile phones to airplane mode and fastening your seatbelt.
  • Respect safety instructions; never make fun of emergency procedures.
  • Be polite to the cabin crew; their primary role is passenger safety.

Consideration for Fellow Passengers. 

  • Respect the space and privacy of the passenger next to you.
  • Share the armrest and be considerate.
  • Engage in polite conversation if the other person is interested.
  • Mind your table manners and avoid spills.
  • Apologize when disturbing others while using the restroom.


  • Allow everyone to collect their hand baggage before disembarking.
  • Assist passengers with disabilities or those requiring special assistance.

Be patient with families and offer feedback if your meal choice is unsatisfactory.

As air travel continues to connect the world, practicing proper airplane etiquette ensures a pleasant journey for all passengers. Stay tuned for more tips on airplane and travel etiquette!